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Range Day with Mark Ackenback

On January 22, 2022 I joined Devon from Devon Tactical to a defensive pistol course with Mark Ackenback from First Defense.

Mark Ackenback from First Defense. A firearms trainer
Mark Ackenback from First Defense

I was purely there for gathering lifestyle content for Devon Tactical. The goal was to document what was going on, and capture movement for Devon's Social Media Platforms.

Although I was just there for as a Photographer, I was able to learn a lot from Mark. His teaching technique is very thorough, well thought out, well practiced, and he's also a very cool attentive guy.

Throughout the day, they went over some defensive techniques that were more of a hand-to-hand combat situation.

Such as how to disarm a person that pointing a gun at you, or when a person comes at you with a knife.

All great things to know!

The class was was about 8 hours... I believe. It was all so fun, even as a photographer, and you can tell that everyone there had a blast. Overall, a super cool class. Highly recommend checking him out, and also give Devon Tactical a follow on Instagram!

Devon Tactical

Devon Tactical is on a mission to become the best Firearms Instructor that he can be. He's very humble, and is taking everyone along on his journey. His content is also a bit unique to the Firearms industry. He approaches learning and teachings in a comedic way. Which makes it very easy to grasp the content.

Absolutely love capturing this kind of content. Not only do I get to learn a few things that I can practice later, but I get to meet so many awesome people too!

Let me know if you'd like for me to capture some awesome content for you!

Jas - Photographer

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