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Ian + Cristy

Oh my goodness. Where to begin! Ian and Cristy started off as strangers and became some of my closest friends! I love them to pieces, and was so happy how this session came out!

Devon (my love) also joined me on this shoot to help me carry my gear. So shoutout to him!

We embarked on a journey to one of my all time favorite trails here in Rancho Cucamonga. My hometown. It was such a perfect day, with gorgeous weather. They booked my "Take me to the mountains" Package, and we all had so much fun.

Everything started off pretty chill, go to know each other, and I made sure to create a no pressure environment. That's always my number one goal for my sessions, because I know how stressful being in front of the camera can be!

For the most part, I want my couples to feel like we're just hiking and enjoying one another's presence. These sessions are super chill, and worry free.

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