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CRW - California Range Weekend

I attended California Range Weekend (CRW) located at The Burro Canyon Shooting Park in Azuza, CA on November 27th-November 28th, 2021. It was the very first CRW announced and hosted by Axiom Training Group, and it was pretty awesome.

I was following Devon Tactical around, taking photos and some video of him experiencing the event, taking some courses, and engaging with others. It was a pretty simple shot list. However, I was to pretty much be on the lookout for great shots for about 8+ Hours the first day, and about 4+ hours the second day.

Overall, a great experience. So many talented and likeminded individuals were there, and it was awesome being able to train in the morning, mid-day, and at night.

During this entire event, those attending were to choose two classes to take. One in the day, and one at night. The night classes were to be with flash lights or NODS.

Devon (Devon Tactical) ended up taking the night class with Mark Ackenback from First Defense Firearms Training, and the day class with Nate Vollbrecht from TSI Corps. Mark taught Defensive Concealed Pistol Training in Low/no light.

Nate taught a bit of door breeching, and he went over some pistol and rifle techniques as well. He also sprinkled in a bit of CQB training.

It was pretty awesome witnessing both courses.

It was a very exhausting and physically demanding event, but they provided food (even for me), lots of training, competitions, and prizes. They also had a few vendor booths there too, which was awesome.

Glad I was able to attend the event, and capture some awesome content!


Looking Forward to next year!

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