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Camping Checklist

Camping has now become a very common activity of mine. I try to camp as often as I can, because it's just so fun and relaxing. It's a great way to disconnect from stress & work, take in what nature has to offer, and just relax.

I have created a checklist to help new campers, or to help you make sure you're bringing everything for your trip!:


___| Simple First Aid Kit

___| Tourniquet

___| Stop the bleed kit

___| SAM Splint (s)

___| Bivy

First aid kits are something that can be tailored to each individual. However, I highly recommend that you invest on those items listed above. If you would like to know my reasoning behind why I highly suggest these items, check out this blog post -> WHY SO MUCH IN YOUR FIRST AID KIT? <-


___| Tarp (Sized for the bottom of your tent)

___| Tent

Make sure to buy a tent that can withstand wind, rain, and harsh sun. Investing in a great tent is probably one of the most important aspects of a trip! If you don't have a tent that can protect you from the elements of nature, then you could face unwanted predicaments in your trip.

___| Sleeping Mattress

___| Sleeping Mattress Pump (s)

___| Sleeping Bag (s)

___| Pillow (s)

___| Extra blanket (s)

___| Tent Lights (optional, but cute)

___| Floor mat (optional)


___| Camping Chairs

___| Lanterns

___| Machete/Knife


___| Table (s) (If none will be available on site or just an extra one for games/food by the fire)

___| Trash bags

___| Bear can (If required by site)

___| Citronella Candle (for bugs)

___| Battery Pack/Phone Charger


___| Toiletry Bag

___| Toothbrush

___| Toothpaste

___| Floss

___| Toilet paper

___| Soap/Body Wash

___| Razor (s)

___| Shaving Cream

___| Shampoo

___| Conditioner

___| Comb/brush

___| Hair ties

___| Hair Products

___| Deodorant

___| Lotion/oils

___| Moisturizer (s)

___| Hand Sanitizer

___| Sunscreen

___| Bug repellent

___| Body Towels

___| Body Wipes (Just in case there aren't any showers, or showers stop working)


___| Cooler

___| Ice

___| Food

___| Spices

___| Condiments

___| Camp stove

___| Camp stove fuel x2

___| Spatula (s) (optional)

___| Tong (s) (optional)

___| Pot (s) (optional)

___| Pan (s) (optional)

___| Griddle (optional)

___| Hand Towels/Paper towels

___| Soap and Sponge

___| Plates

___| Eating Utensils

___| Lighter (s)



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