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Bouldering for the first time

I first started bouldering a few months back, after getting inspired by the Free Solo movie. It was super awesome, and I thought if Alex Honnold can do that, I can to. Thus I began my journey.

I don't ever think I will ever become as great of a climber as he is, but looking back, it's cute that I thought I would! I was so naive and adorable.

Bouldering requires a lot of physical strength if you want to do the big climbs, and is no joke. However, it's not difficult to start. If you want to get good, all you need to really do, is climb often. Of course if you would like for this to become a workout, and daily hobby, and/or even compete you will need to do some conditioning to strengthen your muscles.

Back to the basics though. If you want to try bouldering don't be intimidated, and just start! When I first started I didn't know anyone, and I was the only one interested in it. My partner didn't really care to get into it. So, I went to a nearby bouldering gym, signed up for a bouldering class, and that was the beginning of my addiction to the recreational activity/sport. It does get exhausting pretty fast. At least for me it did, because I have a competitive nature, and I keep trying until I conquer the climb. Which I have learned to control a bit now, and it has paid off because now I don't get as exhausted in the beginning, and I'm able to try more things out, and play with my technique.

I started to boulder about twice a week, along with going to the gym four to five times a week. It was pretty intense, and needless to say, I got burnt out fast. At the time, I was also starting to get into a hiking routine during my busy work season. Yeah, it was stressful. Not doing that again.

So because I got burnt out, I stopped everything completely due to a minor injury that set me back a few months. Which was a bummer. Now, I'm starting back up, but with my passions. Bouldering and hiking, Like I said earlier, it's really easy to get into bouldering. There are so many beginner routes, and everyone there is always so willing to help out if needed.

I am starting out by doing the easy climbs. And not really over doing it. It is easy to get tempted by the harder climbs, but stick to the simple. You don't want to hurt yourself.

Oh, and the thing that I absolutely love about climbing is that you don't really need a lot of gear to get started.

Every gym (at least in So Cal) has rentals. Chalk, shoes, and a day pass can total up to about $20-$40, so it's not too pricey. I am a bit of a sanitary freak, so I bought my own chalk, chalk bag and shoes. I will say that the chalk that I bought is SO much better than gym chalk. I got the Friction Labs Magic Chalk ball, and that stuff is amazing. It doesn't clump up on the fingers like gym chalk, and it's so lightweight. In terms of my chalk bag, I was super tempted to buy a really nice canvas one from REI, but tried one from amazon first, and I love it. I also saved like $30.

Now, if you get really into it, and start bouldering often you will likely want to invest in a few other things like a backpack for your gear, a few brushes, climbers tape, and maybe a hand cream/butter to keep your hands healthy after the climb.

But for starters, start small. Don't overwhelm yourself with items you don't need at the moment, and have fun. Don't be afraid to ask for help, and remember to have plenty of recovery time.

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