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How to fix a flat tire| Steps

Fixing a flat tire is probably going to be one of the most reoccurring issues you will have while riding a bicycle, so it is crucial that one must know how to handle that situation when it arises.

It's not difficult. So don't be scared to take your bicycle apart for a little while.

First things first, you will need a couple tools:

  • Tire levers (Preferably plastic)

  • A bicycle pump

  • Tire gauge

  • Allen wrenches (If your bike isn't quick release)

  • New tires

  • Patches (self adhesive or glue on)

Now that you know what you need, let us proceed on how to fix your flat tire:

1.) Remove your tire from the frame.

If you have a bolt on axle on your bicycle then all you need is to use your handy dandy allen wrenches to remove them. If you have quick release tires then this step will be quite easy.

2.) Pull out the punctured tube

Use your tire lever(s) to go between your tire and the rim of one side of the tire and lift the tire while rotating it in a clockwise direction. Then, pull out the punctured tube.

3.) Insert the new tube.

BUT! before you just start putting it all willy nilly! You have to pump a bit of air into the tube first so that you don't risk pinching it during the process of putting everything together.

4.) Pump air into your tire.

Once, you've made sure that the tube is in properly you may now begin pumping!

5.) Check your PSI

If you don't know the correct PSI for your bike not to worry the numbers are on the side wall of your tire. Usually there is a range of PSI on there because in reality there is no "set" tire pressure. It all depends on the weather and road conditions.

The bumpier the road the lower the PSI--the smoother the higher. I typically ride in smooth grounds, but I occasionally ride on the streets. Therefore, I fill my tires in the middle of the given range of my tire.

This Topeak tire gauge is pretty awesome by the way. It's super straight forward, simple, and small enough to fit in your little saddle bags or wherever else you may want to put it.

I hope this blog helped or inspired you in some way.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me either via social media, my website in the comments section, or email.

I am here to help you!

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As always have a wonderful day!

*Photos were taken by DevonVp *

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