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Five easy snacks to pack for a hike

Hiking is a very simple form of exercise that seems daunting in the beginning, but once you know the ropes it becomes so fun.

One thing that I used to stress out about was food. all these questions would come up in my head like: "What should I bring? How much do I need? How many calories am I going to burn?..."

Luckily, nowadays we have Strava, social media, and Alltrails to ask questions, or to look at other people's stats for the trails you want to explore.

Generally, everyone keeps it relatively simple. And nowadays many of these snacks can be homemade or easy found in stores.

The first go to for me used to be trail mix. I would stuff my pockets with little baggies of trail mix for a quick nibble of fuel.

Trail mix filled with great nuts such as cashews and almonds are very beneficial. They help you get your omegas, fatty oils, and protein. That is essential in obtaining your healthy calories. It is also great to incorporate dried fruit such as raisins, papaya, pineapple, etc. 

The downside to trail mix is that if your hands are dirty and you don't have hand sanitizer or water and soap at your disposal to clean your hands, then you're going to be eating dirty granola. 

That is why I have included granola bars on here!! Granola bars are always my must haves on a hike. They usually provide a lot of protein, a great amount of vitamins and not too many calories.

I always like to get a mix of high calorie and low calorie bars. I prefer to eat my low calorie bars first, then my high calorie bars after I am done working out. It is always best to have a lot of calories after a work out, because that is when you are on the recovery phase.

For those chill hikes, I love packing sandwiches. Sandwiches on a hike hit the spot, and are just so satisfying. It's a great way to just relax, take in the views and enjoy a great meal.

Sandwiches are a bit of a hassle to make, and can sometimes get crushed in your pack, but trust me. You will regret not bringing a sandwich. There have been so many times in which I opted for a granola bar instead of a sandwich, and I always wished I would've taken the time to make and bring one.

Another quick and simple snack are stinger waffles, or stroop waffles. They are perfect for a kick of energy due to being packed with sugar. However, be sure to eat a good amount of protein after your hike to balance your sugars, and prevent a crash.

Lastly, meats. Meats such as jerky, salami, and summer sausages are a great snack./meal to bring on a hike. They don't need ice packs, and last for a while. They will definitely give you plenty of power for a hike.

And of course ALWAYS stay hydrated! 

Water or any other electrolyte filled beverage is what you absolutely want to bring to a hike. Especially, if it's your first time and you don't know what to expect from the hike, or if it's going to be a very extensive hike. 

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